Nebula 5100 3-Axis Handheld Camera Gimbal/Stabilizer with built-in enc

Nebula 5100 3-Axis Handheld Camera Gimbal/Stabilizer with built-in encoder.

Next Generation Camera Stabilizer.


New Features.


Upgraded Battery. With new 1800mA battery, you can achieve up to 8-10 Hours battery life. New design allows battery to be easily replaced.  

High Torque Motor. This new Generation motor Provides continuous power, it makes movement extra smooth.

Infrared Function. With the original infrared function, you can easily control your camera to start/Stop Recording.

Built In Encoder Provides Frequency Conversion for energy saving.

Carrying Case is Fusion of portability and fashion. The Case is made of leather, to make it extra thin and light.

More Weight Capacity.  New gimbal can support up to 2.5KG weight, supporting most of the cameras Such as: Canon 5D series, Sony A7, Panasonic GH series, Nikon D800 Series and Etc...

New Optimum Structure made Gimbal easier to calibrate and make it more reliable, the integral arms were widened, Improved structural Barycenter, and simplified adjustments.

Internal Cable. New Hiden cable desing still allowing 360° Rotation along three axes.

Full Metal Body. The design is based of 4000 to provide ergonomic grip.

1/4 screw holes Allows you to make your own equipment DIY set.

Double side pitch axis allows to use cameras with flip screen.

Direct Charge. Now charging is more easier, charge gimbal with charger or with micro USB interface. 





 The new Nebula stabilizer provides next generation high torque motors, full metal structure with hidden cables making it stand out of competitors. The new design allows 1800Amh battery to be easily replaced. New heavy duty body can support up to 2.5kg weight, supporting most of the modern DSLR's such as: Cannon 5D series, Nikon D800 Series, Panasonic GH Series, Sony Alpha Series and Etc... The 360° Rotation will allow you to get most challenging shots you ever encounter! The next generation Stabilizer allows you to use cameras with flip screens.

With astonishing versatility in mind, Nebula is able to introduce stabilizer that provides solutions any time and any place.



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