New Filmpower Nebula 5100 DSLR standard 3-axis stabilizer

New Filmpower Nebula 5100 DSLR standard 3-axis stabilizer

Nebula 5100, a brand new DSLR standard 3-axis single handheld stabilizer built in encoder, was introduced by Filmpower recently and will be shown on the NAB 2017.



A few years before, Filmpower brought out the Nebula 4000 becoming a classic one among the single pistol grip 3-axis gimbal. And the new Nebula 5100 is also an all-metal gimbal with a remarkable payload of 2.5kg, even a Sony FS5 can be mounted on. It is upgraded with built-in encoder to get frequency conversion and energy saving. Now you can use the gimbal for 8-10 hours and have the battery directly charged without removing. Beside the basic features, more interesting functions are added to this product such as: one key midpoint returning, time-lapse, roll follow mode, giving you more possibilities to achieve creative.


Let’s see the main features of the Nebula 5100:


  • New High-Torque motors with built-in encorders
  • 5kg(5.5lb) Payload
  • 8-10 hours battery life, support direct charge
  • Hidden cable design, 360° unlimited rotation for all 3 axes
  • Double sides using for flipping screen cameras
  • Joystick design, one key recording, one key back to the midpoint
  • Integrated structure, no need assemble
  • Special tactical cage design
  • 1/4 screw holes for various support equipment


  • And the new accessories designed for Nebula 5100 are in coming:the riser rail and 2 tactical expansion pack.


The riser rail is designed for special models such as Canon C100, Canon 1dx mark Ⅱ, Sony FS5. With the help of this accessory, the gravity can be lower for 30mm, provides more setup possibilities, only priced for $40.


As for the tactical expansion pack, it is more like a special dual handle design with smartphone/monitor holder. Different from other dual handles, it’s a more simple and compact style making it easy to setup and convenient for single or double hands switching.

The side grip is also made from high quality metal not only remains good tactile senses but also keeps the rigidity and stability. It can be separated from the smartphone cage/tactical arm as needed.

Concerned about space saving, you can mount the smartphone/monitor right beside the gimbal and watch the frame clearly even control the recording or change settings while shooting.

Details such as hollow-carved design for lightweight and radiating; iOS and Android 2-in-1 charging interface; lens hood design are also added to the smartphone cage.

The wrist belt is a sweet addition considering of a comfortable and safety grip and relieving the pressure for your wrist.

The price of the tactical expansion pack is $99 for the smartphone version and $88 for the monitor version.

The price of the Nebula 5100 is $859. More information please Click Here

If you are interested in trying the newest models, come and visit their booth at C746. We’ll keep you updated detail as well as it comes in.